Zara Blazer Obssesion

   I was walking around the mall a few days back when I saw a big picture of a woman at Zara wearing this outfit:


   I want this so bad! I’ve already tried looking for it in a couple of stores but I don’t think it has arrived yet. As it is from a new collection here in Brazil, probably it will be a fortune! That’s a shame because I won’t be able to buy this, then, haha, but I’ll keep looking! Having this in mind, I’ve decided to post a picture of this gorgeous blazer in here, just in case I really fail to have it. At least I’ll be able to look at it when I want!


   I’m really into light lipsticks at the moment due to the youtube videos that I’ve watched. The lip gloss I wrote about before is lighter that this one here, but it doesn’t make it less pretty!


   I’ve found them at a drug store in a mall I usually go to. They’re very light and soft, the kind of lip gloss I think is better for me (the dark ones make my nose look so big, lol).

   Here they are:


Some items

   This will be really quick, I’ll just post three photos. Two of them are items I bought yesterday!

   I used to have the dark blue lipstick, but it melted in hot days! It became very sticky so I changed to this one, that repairs the dried lip and keeps it hydrated.

   The other thing I bought was this ring. I just found it in a shop at the mall. I think it’s so pretty! Look at all the silver details and the big stone. It seems like a lost piece of jewellery from the past.

   Finally, what I also want to post in here is my nail polish collection! I think I have about 80 polishes now, but I don’t want to count them exactly, so here they are!


Only photos

   I’ve decided I’ll post more photos in here so that things get a little more interesting. Today I’ll post a photo of my nails *-*. I was looking for this nail polish for quite a long time now, but I never could find it because this brand is from Rio de Janeiro. However, I was walking around the mall this week and decided to go to a store that has many different colours of nail polish and, guess what? There it was!


   My dream is to buy some nail polishes from China Glaze or OPI. Maybe one day!

   God, it’s been a long time since I last wrote here. I missed this! It’s just that things at university are really hard and projects and tests are popping everywhere. But it’s better now, since my last test was last Friday (and I did really well, thank God!).

  However, some holidays wouldn’t bother me right now. I still have plenty of things to do and sometimes I want to disappear. I’ve found ways to escape all the stress and I have to say, those are my favourite moments recently! I watch tv shows mainly, but when I have time I paint my nails. I’ve found some pretty different colors and some of them have never been tested. But I just can’t relax completely because while I’m “escaping”, a part inside of me screams that there are things to be done. I’m not irresponsible AT ALL. Sometimes I think I overdo things, and that’s why I get so tired and frustrated. But I guess it’s part of who I am (what a freaking cliche!). I just CAN’T let everything go and just “be happy”, I feel like I have obligations and I want to accomplish them in the absolutely best way I can. That’s okay, you know? Afterall, in the end, I’m proud of what I’ve reached. 😀

  Heey, those tv shows are getting better and better! I have at least 14 different ones to watch. I’ve started watching soap opera too! The evening one that airs here in Brazil. Although I know it’s really shallow and totally unreal, it’s so good to relax!

  Changing subjects, I’m considering buying a new cellphone! A big fancy one full of nice tools and with one button for each letter of the freaking alphabet because I can’t stand having to press five times a button to pick a letter in my texts! The thing is they’re too expensive so I’ll have to think wisely which one to buy and IF this is the right time.

  Well, that’s all for now. I’ll watch Greek, you should see it!

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